What criteria should be followed while buying a Refrigerator?

The rush and the day to day make it difficult to change habits in favour of greater energy savings and optimization of the space in your fridge. Sometimes, just by paying attention to small details, we can save more than we imagine on our electricity bill. The fridge is perhaps one of the most consumed household appliances, think that you spend all day on every day of the year, especially with the frozen food boom, the latest-generation refrigerators include new technological services and modern finishes. Did you know that the shelf life of a refrigerator ranges from 10 to 15 years, although this period is also determined by the environment where it is located, the technology of the cold and the quality of the brand? Depending on its configuration, there are several types: single-door models; two-door with freezer. 

Buy a Refrigerator according to your needs

The time of purchase is already crucial to take home a device with which to save. It is time to choose the fridge. You go to the store and you stand in front of everyone without knowing very well in the end which will be the best, Don’t panic, it’s not as difficult as it seems. The criteria that we must follow to choose the best refrigerator must be limited to the needs of the home, considering the space; price, design and size according to the number of people who will obtain their benefits; and of course guarantee that the electrical consumption is effective from low-intensity components, equipped with a good insulation system and optimal design of the cold circuit.

Features that given the ecological conditions of the planet are increasingly respected by manufacturers. But also the new refrigerators incorporate other technological advances. Like the anti-frost system, which increases freezing power, saves energy and does not require manual defrosting. And fresh technology, which allows food to be kept fresh for a period five times longer than traditional.

Buy a Refrigerator according to your needs

Facts about Modern Refrigerators you don’t know

Many times we try to put so many things in the fridge that in the end, it seems that we are playing Tetris trying not to leave any empty space, whatever the food as long as it fits. Error! Food should not be placed to fill empty spaces, each food must have an assigned place. The first thing you should know is that not all the fridge has the same temperature. The upper zone is the coldest zone and is perfect for preserving cooked food and leftovers. And in the lower part, above the vegetable drawer, is the least cold area, ideal for placing perishable foods such as fish. The least cold area is the door of the fridge, therefore it is a place for sauces, bottles and butter.

Do not forget the drawers for vegetables, with very specific cold and humidity conditions for this type of food, since a very low temperature damages them. They keep the fruit and vegetables at their correct point of freshness. Apart from the fact that it will favour the preservation of food, you will spend less time searching for them and thus less cold will escape when you open the door. For more information, click here.

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