Ultimate Gifting Guide for Housewarming Parties

It is always thrilling to move and settle in a new place. Decorating and making the house a home is all the more exciting. However, moving in and making the place one’s own can also be stressful Housewarming Parties. You are bound to be overwhelmed by thinking of all that needs to be done. The moving and packing, getting the water and electric supply, and the entire process can just exhaust you. Here is when a thoughtful housewarming present comes to the rescue. It is a lot more than a mere gesture. It would lift the person’s mood instantly and make them excited about the new place again.

 You can purchase items that can be of use in their new space. If picking cutlery or table cloths confuses you, you can use services like online flower delivery in delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and so on. It can be tricky to find the perfect housewarming gift. It has to be aesthetically pleasing as well as useful at the same time. Don’t just buy something that will eat dust on the shelves and clutter their space. In case you are wondering what could be that just-right present, here is an ultimate gifting guide for housewarming parties:

  • Doormats

Doormats make for the perfect housewarming gift and everyone seems to love receiving them. You can buy them mats with welcoming quotes on them or can even go for the funny ones which would make them laugh. Doormats reading ‘Oh! Not you again!’, ‘Ego and shoes outside’, etc. , are great if you want to tickle their funny bones. 

  • Quirky Kitchen Towels

For wiping hands or to clean up the mess, towels always come handy. It would be awesome to go for kitchen towels with humorous quotes to make everyone laugh out loud Housewarming Parties. Who knew cleaning up spilt milk can turn funny? Funny and quirky towels are all the rage these days and you can easily find them online or in stores.

  •  Scented Candles

People can’t stop raving about candles these days and they are worth all the hype. They not only make the room smell fresh but also bring in positivity and light. They come in a plethora of variants. From vanilla to pink champagne, the options are never-ending. Make sure to pick the ones which have a long-lasting fragrance. Some companies even let you print your messages at the back of your candles. How cool is that?

  •  Customized Family Portrait

If it’s a family that has moved into a new house, surprise them with a personalized portrait of their family. Hand-painted portraits are all the rage these days and you can get them done from a good artist. A customized family portrait on their wall will always make them cherish their bonds and you will be remembered every time they see it.

  • Monogram Door Hangers

If your friend has moved into a new place alone, they might have not started decorating it yet. Gift them a personalized monogram for their door so that people can easily locate their new place. Moreover, it also looks very cute and appealing. You can even buy flowers & online cake delivery in bangalore to make the gift all the more special.

  • Herb Planters

 Herb planters are kits for growing plants. They come with herbs like parsley, cilantro, basil, etc. Some of the kits also have tools and manuals on how to plant your herbs efficiently. This would be a unique gift to encourage them for building their very own herb garden. It would also be great for people who always wanted to have a kitchen garden. You can help them to get started on this Earth-friendly endeavour.

  • Soap Gift Boxes

Nobody can say no to luxurious amazing-smelling soaps. They come in all colours, shapes, and sizes and you even get endless flavours. Rose, chocolate chip, honey, avocado- you name it and there is a soap with that flavour. You must even consider buying organic and natural soaps that are gentle on the skin and are less harmful to the planet.

  •  Plants 

Plants are a very thoughtful present when it comes to housewarming parties. If they don’t have a balcony, buy them indoor plants that don’t require much sunlight. Also, make sure you buy plants that are easy to maintain and don’t need much care. If they don’t have a lot of space, consider buying an air plant magnet for their house.

  •  Spice Rack

 A simplistic and sleek spice rack would amp up their kitchen aesthetics to a new level. It would not only keep things organized but would also make for a great centrepiece on your dining table. You are highly recommended to ditch the plastic and go for a glass or wooden spice rack since they look classy and are environment-friendly. 

  •   Gift Cards

 If you are unable to make your mind, just get them an e-gift card from their favourite store. You can tuck it inside a thoughtful greeting card and you are sorted. This would be the wisest gifting option as it lets the recipient buy what they want and not what you think they might want.

  •  Flowers

When everything fails, flowers come to the rescue, Everyone loves to receive flowers and they just add a pop of colour to space. If your friend has moved to a different town, you can send flowers to India or wherever they are to surprise them. Flower delivery services are booming these days and they offer great variety and options. You must check them out.

housewarming gift.jpg

This was a unique gifting guide to everyone who wants to buy a present for their loved one but cannot. You can buy these presents easily online or in the shops. Services like Bloomsvilla cater to the consumer interest and offer amazing bouquets, gifts, and chocolates for your loved ones. You must check them out once. You can even purchase distinctive serving trays, wooden coasters, customized house number planks, colourful cushions, vintage vases, and the list goes on. Pick what not just looks fancy but would also serve a purpose in their new home.

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