Types of Eye Surgery For The Paediatrics

Your child may need to see a Paediatrics ophthalmologist who uses advanced methods to identify and treat eye issues commonly found in a child. Some symptoms and conditions do not clear until a child reaches a certain age. This is why children must go for regular eye checkups from an early age. 

A pediatric eye specialist is also able to treat conditions that newborn babies get. Many conditions can be treated with the help of medications. But some may require surgeries and other treatment methods. 

Common Pediatric Eye Surgeries

There are certain eye conditions such as glaucoma, blocked tear ducts and cataracts that a child may develop Paediatrics. These conditions need to be treated with surgeries to get a permanent solution. So let’s talk about the common pediatric eye surgeries.

Tear Duct Surgery

A blocked tear duct requires surgery. It may occur due to many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the defect of the tear duct by birth that causes the blockage. When a doctor diagnoses a child with a blocked tear duct, they suggest a surgical method to treat the condition. But not every child may need surgery. 

Therapies are also given to free the blocked tear ducts. It depends upon the child’s tear duct condition that will determine if they need surgery. In case of an infection from the blockage, the pediatric ophthalmologist may also suggest certain antibiotics Paediatrics.

Cataract Treatment

A pediatric cataract may occur from congenital issues or the child may be born with it. In this condition the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy and the vision starts getting hazy and weak. As the lens obstructs clear vision, the pediatric eye doctor will suggest surgery to remove the cataract. The operation is done to remove the opaqueness of the lens and clear the vision of the child.

During this operation, local anaesthesia is given to the child. A very tiny incision is done to remove the cloudy lens. After the removal of the natural lens, the doctor then places an artificial lens in the eye. 

Always get pediatric cataract done by an experienced eye doctor. You can consult with the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Delhi for your child’s eye treatments.

Squint Eye Surgery

Squint is a common eye condition in which both the eyes of the child do not look in the same direction. This is also called strabismus and occurs when the muscles of the eye are imbalanced and incorrect nerve signals. This also affects the vision of the child. Therefore, surgery is the best solution.

Ptosis Surgery

This is a type of eye deformity in which the eyelids are droopy. This blocks clear vision and corrective surgery is necessary. 

Glaucoma Surgery

This condition is caused by children when the eye pressure increases and affects the optic nerve. Children born with glaucoma or developed later need early treatment so that the vision of the child can be restored.

One of the best ways to keep the child’s eye health in good condition is a thorough eye diagnosis. Parents need to consult with a pediatric eye doctor for a comprehensive eye check-up of their child even before they start reading and writing.

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