Tricks To Play Fantasy Cricket Game Online

Now is the time where the internet is taken over by a word called Fantasy sports. In this, participants can play games online by assembling virtual teams of real-life players of a professional Cricket Game Online sport. The teams and players are put to perform on the basis of actual statistical performance data of actual life. The performance in the game is therefore recorded in the form of points which are further totalled as per the roaster selected. In the world of Fantasy sports, fantasy cricket is one of the most preferred sports games.

For the cricket lovers, tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup, Indian Premier League, T20 World Cup, Big Bash League etc. is the time where apps offering these games can really energize cricket fans Cricket Game Online. These cricket fans can utilize the best of their cricket knowledge in the formation of their dream team where they can win real cash prizes on the basis of accumulated points.

To play there are many fantasy Cricket Apps for download where one can play and enjoy the sport of cricket in the best manner. There are tricks and tips that one must follow to play the game of cricket online. Following are some of the tricks discussed that one must look for in fantasy cricket game.

1. Understand the performance of the player- The most common error is made when the participant selects players for the game. The participants select players on the basis of reputation rather than selecting on the basis of the current state of the players. The best example that we can take here is of Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh, their performance was mind-blowing in the year 2012 and 2013, but now we don’t get to see them in many matches. So players who play regularly must be selected in the team.

2. Pitch Performance- The other important factor to look for is the performance of the pitch. Every pitch is different. So it is important to research for the pitch before selecting it for a Cricket Game Online game. Mostly batsmen prefer flat pitch and it is always considered best to select a minimum number of bowlers for such pitch in order to plan game strategy. Also on the basis of the pitch, the team should be accordingly selected. So on the basis on nature of the pitch, the cricket strategy should be made.

3. Players must play on that day- the best tip for the fantasy cricket game is that always select a player who is actively playing the game on that particular day. In other words, that player should not be benched during the match or throughout the season. If one has any doubt about the presence of the player, it is better to avoid selecting that player. If this thing is not considered, it is sure that one will lose the match.

4. Check the investment- It is important to check for the investment made as there are many players whose prices are quite high but they don’t perform the way they are expected to perform. So it is always advised to invest in those players who are young, talented and who can create a balance for your team. This is only how participants can have the desired outcome and earn better cash rewards.

5. Top-order batsmen- Next important thing is to select an appropriate top order for batsmen. The best hitters like MS Dhoni should be in the top order of the game but he is always kept for the middle positions which thus reduce the opportunity to bat. In tournaments like ODI  and T20s, this aspect plays an important role in games. In order to execute the best strategy for your game, it is always recommended to select the best order of your batsmen.

6. Bonus points- In the point system, every participant wants to have additional points. In Fantasy cricket, for extraordinary performances like catches, run out, stumping etc. players are awarded bonus points. So it is beneficial if the participant track and select those players who are good in fielding too as it can help him earn more bonus point. Thus to improve your score, always be careful while selecting the players.

7. Bowlers- Cricket cannot rest only on batting, bowling is equally important and interesting. The bowlers with lower rates will not help you attain your targets. It is important to select those bowlers who are also good in wicket keeping. Sometimes the bowlers are good wicket-keepers but they also give away more runs, so it is also acceptable to select those players to some extent.

8. Selecting captain and vice-captain- The right captain can help you earn 2x points whereas vice-captain gives 1.5x points. It is important to select the best combination of these two as together they can really help you to earn good points. It is best to select all-rounder players as they will perform best in the field and will also help you to earn maximum points.

9. Planning the right approach- the right approach is quite crucial in the game. One should always plan well ahead to keep his game under his control. One should decide the initial team for the games and also substitute players for other games. He should always adopt the right approach right from the beginning so that the match always turns out in his favour.

10. Uncapped players- for every game, every team needs an uncapped player. These are those players who are yet to play at least one international match for their country. One can either pick a bowler for the middle order or a wicket-keeper batsman. So picking an uncapped player for your team can also play a crucial role in your team.

These are some of the points or factors that one must consider while playing fantasy cricket league game play online. These points can really help a participant in forming the strategy for the game. With this kind of decision making, one gets to improve his strategy every time with a new game. So participants who want to earn more through this fantasy cricket must refer these points for their games.

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