Things You Should Know If You are Planning for a New Laptop

When it comes to buying a laptop in India or anywhere else, you just can’t get into a store and pick up a laptop that the Store Executive is suggesting to you.

It is because you are unaware of the pros and cons of the notebooks that you are being recommended.

Hence, here is a quick laptop buying guide that will enlist basic pointers to help you buy the best laptop under 25000 and beyond and you can decide which one will be best for you. Read on!

  • Budget

The first thing that you need to decide is the budget that you can allocate for a budget. If you are a student, then your purchasing power will be less than a salaried professional. Thus, once you have decided on a figure, then only you can march ahead to buy the best laptop in your range.

  • Processor

The CPU is the key part of the best laptop under 25000 or any other one as it is the aspect that determines the processing speed of any task. If you are looking to multitask on your laptop, then you should ensure to get one with a powerful processor. If you don’t, then your notebook will keep hanging, and your tasks will get hampered. Most of the best laptops under 25000 and above come with either Intel or AMD brand. Both are good to go, but Intel is considered to be more robust than the AMD.

  • HDD

It is the Hard Disk Drive of your laptop that stores all your files, documents, photos, music, videos and more. Most of the laptops these days come with an HDD capacity between 256 GB and 1 TB, which is excellent considering your needs. If you are a student, then you can go for any of the best laptop for students and others with 256 GB HDD. Professionals should ensure to get an HDD capacity of 1 TB.

  • Display size

The screen size of your laptop depends on for what purpose you are buying it. If you are looking to buy one for watching movies, videos and playing games, then a bigger size of 17 inches or more will do. But users buying one for web surfing and daily computing tasks, then a display size of 14.1 inches and more will suffice.

  • Graphic processor

Are you a gaming freak or someone who would like to watch more of Netflix on a laptop? If yes, then you must go for a laptop with HD and Full HD video support. You should ensure this if you don’t want to watch pixelated videos – a big turn off!

  • Battery capacity

The battery capacity of your laptop is one of the most vital elements that you must consider while buying one. It is the battery capacity of your notebook that gives it the portability option. Hence; it must be ensured to have a laptop with long-lasting battery capacity. Poor battery life will hamper your workflow and leave you frustrated. You should go for notebooks that can work for at least 4-5 hours without having to charge.

  • Brand

Lastly, it is the brand of a notebook that also matters. When you buy a laptop of a known brand, then you can enjoy the powerful performance with apt after-sales services. Avoid brands that you have not heard of even when you are getting lots of advanced features in their range of notebooks at a lower price. The best laptop brands in India are Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Asus, Lenovo and Acer.

You can now implement this laptop buying guide tips and take a step closer to bringing home the best laptops under 25000 and above.       

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