The Importance of Annual Health Screening Program Conducted By LifeBrite

LifeBrite medical laboratory conducts annual health screening programs to maintain the better health of their patients. Oftentimes, we don’t take our lives on a serious note which results in an increasing number of diseases deteriorating our health over a period of time. Therefore, this health screening program is dedicated to ensuring better health of each of the patients by conducting their blood report testing and providing an accurate medical prescription. It has been reported that the number of medical prescriptions often goes wrong due to the inaccuracy of the laboratory reports. Therefore, the healthcare leader Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lawsuit medical laboratory ensures that you get accurate reports while you are being enlisted in their annual health screening program. 

The annual health screening programs are just like any other program which helps a woman to test all their diseases and detect them at an early stage. Oftentimes, women ignore their health because of a variety of reasons. Therefore LifeBrite is offering value-based care to these patients to take care of their physical and mental well being. Mostly it includes all the facilities including neurological screening, overall body screening, lung screening, and heart screening. 

The neurological screening will let you know the responding nature of yours whereas the other tests are done to ensure your entire system is working fine. The overall body screening includes your pain points, abdomen area, head, and neck. Physicians mostly check these parts thoroughly to ensure everything is in optimum condition. 

We’ll be disclosing the number of tests that LifeBrite lab includes under the annual health screenings. So, let’s get started, 

Blood Sugar Test

The level of your blood sugar must be maintained throughout your life. Else you may face a number of additional diseases as a result of increased blood sugar. And mostly diabetes is one of the most threatening diseases which may cause a number of health complications including blindness, kidney failures, and other major issues. So, LifeBrite lab in Atlanta offers you annual health screening which includes the testing of your blood sugar as well. 

Lipid Panel Test

Lipid panel testing includes measuring the cholesterol level in your blood and the number of triglycerides. You should maintain a good ratio of them in order to have better health. This health screening also includes the lipid panel testing to detect any imbalance at an early stage. 

Thyroid Testing

The thyroid is one of the most common problems in women and a routine TSH test is a must for most of the women after a certain age. This thyroid gland stimulates the hormone named thyroid which takes the prime responsibilities to take care of the health essentials. It helps to keep up your digestive system, heart system, muscle control, and metabolic rate in your body. Therefore you should be having a healthy thyroid balance in your blood in order to conduct a healthy life. 


The healthcare leader, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lab Atlanta offers this annual health screening to ensure that people take proper care of their health and diseases get detected at an early stage. 

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