Skin Problems and Related Treatments

Skin Problems and Weather Conditions

Getting older is part of life. But looking old is a matter of choice, especially in the 21st century. We have progressed so far scientifically that we have invented dermatology and skin treatments to keep on looking beautiful. You don’t necessarily need to succumb to the old age and the deteriorating skin on your body. You may not be able to stop it from happening, but you can do something to change it. Even though if it’s for a short while, you don’t have to give up whenever it starts to happen. Nobody wants to look old. So, here are a couple of skin treatments that you should consider getting in 2020.

Skin Problems and Why They Happen

Although a lot of things depend on your diet and the way we live, there are skin diseases and problems as well. It’s also important to note that you can be vulnerable to any hereditary disease via your genes as well. Furthermore, it’s the lifestyle choice, the diet choice, the environment you live in and the habits you adopt as well. But what exactly can happen to your skin that it becomes so wretched and difficult to bear in later years?

Mostly responsible for the problems in our skin is the sun. We can thank the sun for emitting UV rays that tears down the elastic tissue in our skin. This can lead to common problems such as stretched skin, saggy skin, wrinkled skin, blotchy or discolored skin as well. However, it is crucial to note that this can be the same reason that you get precancerous growth. Meaning, this is also responsible for giving you skin cancer. So, be mindful about long exposure time in the sun.

You can get rough skin, benign growths, loose facial skin, transparent or thin skin along with easy bruising of it. In fact, if you exclude all of these, you still get the lines and wrinkles on the skin. Most of us might even get the worry or laughing lines, as they call it. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and lines become prominent. Similarly, you can experience aging spots as you grow older. Finally, you can also get pressure ulcers. This can result from sitting in chairs and beds for long periods of time. Generally, people with diabetes fall victim to this the most. You can try moving often and rotating now and then to prevent bedsores.

Skin Treatments You Can Get

There are a number of skin treatments that dermatologists around the world are offering. However, it is imperative that you check in with your doctor and discuss it all before you proceed to get any of them done. So, let’s take a look at the possible treatments you can consider getting

Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency treatments are usually great for people who wish to maintain their skin through the changing weather. Radio-frequency treatments basically heat the skin to 42 to 45 degree Celsius. This causes the collages beneath the skin to stimulate. Resultantly, this decreases lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a fresh face.


Microneedling is another good treatment that you should consider consulting with your dermatologist. The process is particularly useful for people who are tired of getting wrinkled and aging spots. The dynamics of the treatment might sound weird to some people but here it is. The purpose of the needling process is to create tears in parts and areas of your skin. This will eventually make the skin heal itself and thus, increase the production of collagen. Consequently, this process ends up tightening your skin and offering you a smooth and soft touch without wrinkles or facial lines. The best part about this treatment is that if you have a professional around, you can do it at home too. There are ample supplies of needling kits available to purchase. However, it is still best to consider consulting with an expert regarding your particular situation before attempting the process yourself.


Ultherapy is another form of radio frequency skin tightening procedure. Using ultrasound technology, this treatment is used to target levels of skin that are not easily accessible. In fact, it is the only procedure approved by the FDA because of its non-invasive nature. Since it involves lifting the skin on the neck, chin and the brows to help improve the aging skin. Micro focused ultrasound systems are used to tighten the skin and therefore improve the condition of collagen present beneath. When it comes to the best modern skin tightening Dubai and all the clinics there take the cake. You can find affordable, reliable and efficient doctors and experts in the emirate willing to do the job.

Important Note

These are some of the procedures for your skin that you should consider. But please remember to consult everything with your doctors, even the details of every procedure. Make sure that your medical history is known to the doctor so they can make the best possible decision and suggestions.

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