How to Apologize to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

When you are in a relationship with somebody, fights are always going to be a part of it. It’s very obvious that you will somehow end up hurting your partner, knowingly or unknowingly, and your partner will do so too Apologize to Girlfriend. It’s absolutely normal. You both will say things to each other than you don’t mean, do things that will piss the other person off, have misunderstandings, disagree on certain things, and so on. It’s all very natural and please know that it’s okay. 

Not having any fight in a relationship is not the goal, but the goal is to handle the fights maturely and sort it out as soon as possible. Healthy couples do fight, yes you read it right. But, the fights shouldn’t last longer than it should, the bad days of your relationship should not last longer than the good days of it and also find midnight cake delivery in delhi. That’s the secret of continuing to be a happy couple even if there are fights between the two of you on some days. 

Some men don’t exactly know how to apologise after hurting their girlfriend or wife, it’s nothing to worry about in case you are one of them as we are here to help you out with suggestions that have always worked. If you have pissed off your girlfriend or hurt her by saying or doing something, knowingly or unknowingly, and you are not sure how to apologise to her as you don’t know whether your actions will push her further away or pull her closer to you, this blog is for you so keep reading.

Don’t just say a sorry, mean it. A girl understands when you just randomly throw a sorry out of your bag, so please don’t do that, say a sorry as genuinely as possible. Don’t just say “I am sorry”, chances are this will piss her off even more. Explain it to her why you are saying sorry, yes yes, she knows why she is upset or mad, but she wants you to know whether you know the reason as well or not or whether you are just saying a sorry to move on from the situation. Use your words correctly to convey your feelings rightly. For example, if you have missed a bunch of her calls because you were doing some work at the office, don’t just send her a text saying “I am sorry, Tell me”, send her a text like “I am sorry baby, I could not pick up your call as I was talking to my client at office, can I call you now?”. Do you see the difference? This is what will make the difference in your bond that you share with her, this is what will strengthen your relationship and not weaken it any further. 

In case after you have hurt her she wants some time and space, please give it to her. Don’t try to rush it, this will just push her away. Let her be for some time but also don’t make her feel like you don’t care at all. Show efforts but from a distance. 

If you are both are in a long-distance relationship, say you are in London and she is in Mumbai, and you have somehow hurt her with your words or actions, along with a genuine apology, you can also send her flowers to make up for it. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for sure but on a less expensive side, so are flowers. Send flowers to India to your beloved girlfriend to make her smile, you know that smile looks lovely on her face. You can send flowers to Ludhiana, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Indore, and every other Indian city, no matter where your girlfriend lives, by ordering fresh flowers online on Bloomsvilla, to show her how sorry you really are for hurting her. You can also add a personalized card along with the flowers that will be delivered to her, all of this will show your efforts and well, girls love when their boyfriend/ husband puts in effort in the relationship. 

Last but not the least, don’t let her go to sleep mad or upset about something that you have said or done. Stay up for as long as you have to but sort it out with her, say a sorry as many times as you need to. Your ego shouldn’t come in between you and your girlfriend, don’t let it spoil the possibility of a happily ever after.

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