How Custom Neon Signs are Good for your Business

Neon signs are very beautiful, bright, and very effective in attracting the attention of people in general. It has a wide range of applications, especially outdoor advertising Custom Neon Signs. One of the biggest advantages of this type of sign is that it is highly visible in the dark and hence is bound to be visible to both pedestrians and those driving by.

The custom Neon signs in NYC have been around since a very long time which is a good sign that it is highly beneficial to have one.  These signs have also evolved over the years and now there multiple options available. It is possible to customize the Neon sign for your business hence it has a wide range of applications.  Some of the popular types of LED signs and the signs include a tube filled with neon that is skillfully shaped as to your liking. 

This article describes the using custom neon signs are beneficial for your business. It is a must-read for those searching for a custom signs company in NYC.

Benefits of a Custom Neon Sign for your Business

  • They are highly durable and tend to last for up to 15 years, unlike other types of lights that need to be replaced regularly.
  • The temperature tends to affect all types of lights like the fluorescent lights, on the other hand, the Neon lights are not affected by the temperature factors like heat or snow.
  • It glows instantly and does not generate any dark areas on the sign.
  • This type of sign is also safe to use.
  • It is one of the best methods of increasing the aesthetic appeal of a business like a café or a restaurant.
  • It is very easy to spot even from a distance and entices customers to visit, thus improving sales.
  • Other types of businesses like bars and pubs are the ones that benefit the most from this type of sign. A custom neon light, specially built for a pub is highly effective, especially since this type of business is usually open till late.
  • It is useful for both outdoor and indoor decoration; for example, it is beneficial when placed as a sign for a business as well as to alert people of an event like artists performing on a stage.
  • This type of sign is popular with photographers as well, to make their pictures appear fancier.
  • Some of the other applications include placing them in the children’s room since they are an instant hit with kids.
  • Just about every business requires a marketing strategy. Advertising with the help of neon banners and billboards happens to be one of the most effective marketing techniques for any business since they attract more attention.
  • Businesses tend to spend a great deal of money on advertising every year. Since these signs are very effective it is highly beneficial to invest in them.
  • It is also highly cost-effective to use this for the purpose of advertisement for your business.

Types of LED Neon Signs

As already mentioned these signs have been around since a while. There are mainly two different ones, the LED neon signs, and the gas-filled tubes. However, the LED neon signs are gaining in popularity over the Neon glass tubes for many reasons.  The LED neon lights are lighter, do not flicker and are also more attractive. The fact that neon tubes emit a fluorescent colour is the main reason why they are less popular than the LED Neon signs. The fact that they are also more environmentally friendly is an added advantage. 

Some of the other advantages of opting for LED Custom Neon signs is that they glow brighter and for longer since, unlike the Neon tubes, the light they emit will not deteriorate over time. It also provides a flicker-free light which is an added advantage.

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