How Australian Doctors Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction in simple words means the inability to get a suitable erection. Sometimes erectile dysfunction also means that you are not satisfied with the hardness of the penis election. This problem of erection is much more common in older men. Around five per cent of the males above forty experience erectile dysfunction. This percentage rises to fifteen for males above seventy. There can be numerous reasons for the development of this issue. It can be triggered by stress or due to any underlying medical health condition that you are unaware of. Attaining a good erection requires the proper functioning of different parts of the body. We see pharmaceutical companies such as Oz Meds Online have introduced medication for ED but diagnosing the right cause of ED is very important in its treatment. Therefore, in this article, we would discuss what different variety of ED tests are available in Australia.

Diagnosing ED:

There are different techniques used by physicians to diagnose erectile dysfunction. The most common and simple one is that the doctor would ask you a series of questions. These questions are asked to have a clear understanding of the severity of the problem you have. They might be about your first experience of erectile dysfunction symptoms and for how long you have been suffering from the issue. The doctor would ask about the detailed medical history to see if you have any blood pressure problems or any psychological conditions. As most of the erectile dysfunction cases are due to the depression and stress face by a person in their daily life.


The doctors might ask you to fill a questionnaire that asks information about the frequency of sexual intercourse you have. Details of the morning erections and whether you can have an orgasm or not. Asking about such information might seem taboo in normal circumstances but it is very important in the diagnosis of ED.

Examination Techniques:

Sometimes doctors can conduct physical exams to test the nature of your impotence. These tests are conducted to check your nervous system. They check the response of your penis under different situations and whether it has any kind of sensation or not. The doctor might recommend you have some lab tests. These tests are pretty basic and are mostly a urine test, blood count, cholesterol, testosterone levels. This would help to indicate whether your ED is due to a chronic health disease or due to a simple hormonal imbalance.  Penile ultrasounds are also used to examine the direction and quantity of the blood flow in the pelvic region of the body.

Treatment Of ED:

The treatment of the problem is extremely based on the cause of the problem. Most men rely on medication and Buy Avana Australia as a cure for the problems. However, sometimes these medications are not effective because you might be facing ED due to psychological reasons. Therefore, you have to get through the complete process of diagnosis and only then by doctor recommendation you should start any medication, consider any surgery or visit a psychiatrist.

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