Graphic Designing will change its way with the help of 3D Printing Technology.

It was considered for a long time that 3D printing is the part of only the prototyping industry. Anyhow, when this 3D printing became accessible to mankind, it started to affect every industry and changed the outlook of everything which realized the human that this is a technology that can make things alluring and view them on a screen before creating them.

Experts from different fields of life are using 3D printing technology to solve difficult and big tasks with accuracy and achievement ratio. If I would say 3D printing service became an integral part of the industry, it would not be wrong. Still, graphic designing and visual communication will also accept 3D printing service as their integral part sooner or later.

It is experienced throughout the multiple online repositories of 3D STL files, for the case study, we can examine multiple online repositories and observe signs, cards, and many more. the job of visual communication is beautifully accomplished by graphic designers. They designed a variety of things like books, brochures, layouts, and other for visual communication channels. I am sure if they will use this new technology, they can offer a new interpretation of their designing objectives.

At this point, there is a big question, will 3D printing service be able to replace old technologies for better.  

Could we Relate the Graphic Designer with 3D Printing?

3D Printing

We are well aware, a digital file is essential for printing a 3D model, this is the job of a designer. This is the place where a graphic designer will play his role. They are already working with different domains to design their logos, brands, business clients and production designs, etc. Graphic Designers can help to create such designs because they are experienced using CAD software and we know already that 3D STL file is required for 3D printing. gaining experience in 3D software is not a hard job for graphic designers because they own the peculiarity as an artist and able to make them possible. Graphic designers can become an integral part of 3D printing service as they can design exclusive models and achieve almost every goal with the implication of tools available with 3D designing.

A graphic designer can bring 3D printing to its peak and could be indispensable to comprehend the potential of this technology.

Visual communication can adopt 3D printing.

Visual communication can adopt 3D printing.

Should we understand, what is visual communication? The answer is; any physical object that can serve the purpose of communication, which may be called visual communication. A graphical presentation, a comparison chart, or graph are an example of visual communication. 

Should we understand, what is visual communication? The answer is; any physical object that can serve the purpose of communication, which may be called visual communication. A graphical presentation, a comparison chart, or graph are an example of visual communication. 3D printings also being used for visual communication, it is expected that the use of 3D printing will increase in the future for visual communication.

How Prototypes model created for Buildings?

How Prototypes model created for Buildings?

It became the story of the past when architects used led pencil to draw scatches of the construction models, 3D printings changed it, architects now understand the importance of this technology and using it to create construction drawings. It is essential to have a thorough layout of the building plans including ever floor plan and all other details. Just imagine, how exciting for the user who will see his house before putting foundation stone.

3D printings technology helps to develop 3D models and prototypes of such designs. it helps out the constructer, how to plan the construction process, and the buyer to make a good decision for purchase as well.

Marketing and promotional Stuff.

Marketing and promotional Stuff.

We already elaborate that designers are the ones who create brochures, business cards, branding, packaging, and other promotional stuff. 3D printings may help to create admirable designs for such materials. One can search in online repositories for the samples of such stuff which is printed with 3D printers. Such a design may help designers to create alluring ideas for their routine jobs. 

A famous quote came in my mind, the first impression is the last, it is very well understood, a consumer is the ambassador of the brand, these brands and logos are designed by graphic designer, with the help of 3D printing service designer can explore the awesome designs.

When we talk about marketing, we confide a lot on graphs and presentations. What are these, can we make it simpler with the help of 3D printing technology? The answer is: Yes, we can. We can print graphs in different colors and can be constructed in three dimensions rather than two as it was in 2D printing.

The application of 3D printings services is not bound by a few domains. And, it is a piece of inspiring news for the graphic design industry. With the acceptance of 3D printing, a graphic designer can promote their expertise and gain better opportunities for work. It will go a long way and along with this, the demand for specialized skills will increase as well.

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