Five Applications for increasing your Smartphone’s Versatility

The Smartphone’s Versatility of the Android operating system platform allows developers to easily create any training programs, and the topic is not a problem at all. Play Store, in principle, is not possible to surprise – in the store you can find any directory, translator, tutorial in different formats and degrees of difficulty. For better perception and assimilation, all educational applications contain vivid pictures or interactive elements. For those who do not like to perceive material “dry”, as in a school textbook, it makes sense to look for an application developed in a game format. Also, there are applications like Vidmate which are lot not available on Play Store but still contain the power of changing your experience of using smartphone.


This application contains hundreds of background images to decorate the home screen of an Android Smartphone’s Versatility. The wide and constantly updated collection of Backdrops includes “wallpapers” for any occasion: fancy geometric patterns, landscapes, abstraction or food.

Program users can synchronize backgrounds between different devices, create their own drawings, download images of other people, add to favourites, rate and share them with friends. High-quality “wallpapers” appear in Backdrops daily. Purchase inside the application will save him from advertising, and also unlocks a premium background package.


An application in which users can upload and share photos. It is the best one for the micro-influencers who want to gain followers by showing their talent on the internet Smartphone’s Versatility. Pinterest is a very good application for stocking the best pictures on the internet. The application has one of the best recommendation algorithms, choosing exactly what will be interesting to the user. And also in Pinterest search for “similar” photos.

Power Clean

Power Clean is an extremely useful system program for your smartphone, which will monitor the cleanliness and order in your smartphone. The application performs the same functions as the well-known Clean Master. The program is based on a powerful tool for cleaning the system from temporary junk files, downloaded folders, game caches, etc. .. At the same time, serious attention is paid to speeding up the smartphone by freeing up RAM and disabling unnecessary background tasks. Disabling startup applications, will achieve a high increase in system performance and reduce memory consumption.


Popular and loved by users of different age categories for learning English. The best option for both beginners and users with a certain knowledge base. In the application, for the convenience of perception of the material, English words are sorted by topic – only 50. Each topic is supplemented by a picture. Training exercises allow you to consolidate the knowledge gained. The memorization scheme looks like this: a word is a translation, a translation is a word. LinguaLeo also has listening exercises, vocabulary cards, word constructor, and more.


Snaptube can be the best application for smartphone users especially for those who want entertainment in their hand. Snaptube is a popular video downloading application which allows its users to download any video available either on the internet or any video hosting platform like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc.

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