CSM Certification Renewal

You have worked so hard, invested your time and money for training, all these to become a CSM. Does not that make you proud? You obviously want to keep this certification alive, don’t you? Who would know, right? If your answer is yes to all the questions, then this will definitely attract you.

As you know by now, your CSM certification is valid for two years straight. If you don’t, no worries, this article will guide you. So coming to the point, you need to recertify yourself after your certification expires. The good thing is that you do not need to go through the exam process again as you did while getting certified, but you have to follow and go through some simple steps in online to keep your certificate valid. But there are some set rules and conditions to get further recertification, do not get all stressed out, it is nothing complicated and this article is here to make things easier for you.

Criteria for getting Recertified:

There is a criterion of getting recertified, as it indicates your competency as a CSM and the ability to carry it in the future.

You have to earn 40, 30 and 20 SEUs for CSM Professional, CSM Advanced and CSM Foundationalrespectively to be eligible for recertification.

Also, there are some preset fees for recertification at each level, which are of about $250, $175 and $100, respectively.

A question might come to your mind, and you might think what SEU is. Here is your answer,

SEU or Scrum Education Unit can be defined as credit points that can be earned by attending Scrum related courses, attending workshops and events, independent training. Each course will get you some specific amount of SEUs. Scrum Alliance offers SEUs under six different categories. You have to choose the courses carefully according to your preference to gain 20 SEUs and use them to renew your certificate. Before that, you should know that one hour of participation in each category will give you 1 SEU. Thus you have to gather 20 SEUs. It is advised to make your plan as per your time availability to get 20 SEUs finally. Once you have fulfilled these criteria, you can go for the actual renewal process.

The six categories with the maximum SEUs that can be made are discussed below.

  • Category A ( Scrum Alliance Gatherings ) maximum SEU 45
  • Category B ( Scrum Alliance Courses ) maximum SEU unlimited
  • Category C ( Outside Events ) maximum 15 SEU
  • Category D ( Volunteer Services ) maximum of 15 SEU
  • Category E ( Independent Learning ) maximum 15 SEU
  • Category F ( Other Collaborative Learning ) maximum 15 SEU

How to renew your CSM Certification?

  1. Go to the Scrum Alliance website, click on the Log on to your certification account from the page.
  2. Select the certification dashboard from the setting page.
  3. Go to my credentials, click on manage SEUs.
  4. Select the SEU category from the drop-down menu in the Enter a Scrum Education Unit.
  5. Here all the categories A, B, C, D, E, F will be mentioned, fill the details based on your category and SEUs along with duration. Now your credit points will be added.
  6. Now, from your account, click on the dashboard and find out the renewal link and make your deposit of $100 (CSM Foundational). With your SEUs and payment, your certification will be renewed for two more years and you will stay connected to the Scrum Alliance as CSM.

Things to remember:

  • The SEUs you will be using to recertify yourself should have been earned throughout the two years from the date of your certification.
  • You can only apply for recertification from 6 months prior to the date your certification expires.
  • You will get 90 days or three-month grace period from the actual expiration date for the recertification process.

CSM Certification gradually gaining its popularity in various industries as a Scrum Master can hold the entire team together as a unit and can increase the overall productivity. Also, it helps you to draw a higher salary as it is among the top-level jobs in the management hierarchy, so it can be said that you should recertify yourself as a CSMprofessional as it is worth your hard work and efforts.

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