Choosing a perfect corporate gift

Various organisations give perfect corporate gift to employees for a variety of reasons. Gifts are given to employees on professional achievements. Some established firms provide gifts for vendors and customers to appreciate their continuous support. Corporate gifts for employees are a great way to appreciate their efforts and dedication towards the firm genuinely and thoughtfully. These gifts help to strengthen the relationship between employees and employer, which leads to sustainable business development. This gesture of giving gifts make the employees feel exceptional and motivated.

Sometimes occasion does not matter; employers give a practical or a small gift to appreciate the hard work to the employees. Initiating from birthdays, work anniversaries to company events, employers look for reasons to motivate the employees. It is the best way to analyze the needs and interests of the employees. perfect corporate gift significantly enhances an employee’s productivity, efficiency and motivation towards the work. Further, giving gifts to the potential customers may lead to an investment of time and money, but this practice generates an enormous return on investment.

Following are the distinct categories of corporate gifts:

  • Festival gifts: All large and small organisational units distribute gifts to their employees at festival time. Gift item varies according to the region, festival, role and profile of the employee. A firm emphasises on offering innovative gift items every year with budget constraints.
  • Birthday gifts: All type of organisations give gifts to employees on their birthdays. Relevant examples of this type are cake, bouquet, etc.
  • Completion of particular years of service: Employees who complete specific years in the same firm are rewarded with expensive gifts.
  • Recognition and rewards: Employees are motivated on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on the performance, targets achieved and project completion.
  • Joining gifts: Most of the multinational companies have a policy of offering an introductory kit to the newcomers. It is to ensure the excitement of the new employees and to make them feel part of the firm. Some of the examples under this category are a coffee mug, water bottle, carry bag, etc.
  • Utility gifts: these gifts are given to employees to remind them about various aspects of the firm and its brand image and logo. Some examples are diaries, calendars, pens, umbrellas, key chains, etc.

Corporate gift baskets are proven to be the best business gifts as this way; gratitude can be recognised by the employees for days. Gift baskets are designed to be consumed by the employees for a more extensive period. These baskets have a large number of items, and there are innumerable ways to configure an astonishing gift basket. A gift basket may include food, beverages, candy, chocolates, wine, coffee, etc. Gift items in the basket may vary according to the budget and profile of the employee.

Following are some of the customised corporate gift options:

  • Personalised mugs
  • Personalised bags
  • Personalised notebooks
  • Personalised pen drives
  • Personalised mobile covers

Giving customised gifts to employees is a way of developing goodwill of the company. It is a useful marketing tool and can be utilized to enhance promotion and marketing.

Some other corporate gifts are as follows:

  • Earphone
  • Laptop
  • Holiday
  • Dinner set
  • Headphones

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