5 Mobile Protection Plans: All You Need to Know Before Buying One

A study estimates that around 3 billion people are using mobile devices all over the world. Mobile Protection Plans is as important as owning a smartphone. Smartphones have become an essential communication tool that can perform other functions as well. 

Have you ever come across a situation where your smartphone suddenly breaks down or turns off? What can you do in this situation? You would take your smartphone to the nearest service to repair but there you come to know that your phone is out of warranty. What to do now? A mobile protection plan plays an important role during this situation. Mobile protection plan would help you to save the unexpected expensive costs. There are many manufacturing companies that provide an extended warranty plan. Many people tend to choose a third-party smartphone protection plan as they are cheap and affordable.

Let’s look into some tips you must remember while choosing a mobile protection plan

Protection plans should cover damages caused due to external or internal factors

While buying a smartphone you invest each penny of saving and thus it is necessary to protect your phone from various damages caused due to external and internal factors. For instance, if you drop your phone accidentally and it leads to damage. You need not worry if your mobile phone is insured with a protection plan. Many protection plans provide a replacement facility over the damage case.

Also, some insurance companies provide a theft protection plan. Various internal software breaks down may cause a break down of your smartphone, thus having a protection plan can help you to resolve this problem. They may repair the internal software issue and provide you with a newly upgraded and stable software system. Some plans also help in data protection and recovery.

Know your smartphone before choosing a protection plan

Having an in and out information about your smartphone is important while choosing a protection plan. The more expensive your smartphone is the better protection plan is required. Many third-party insurance companies provide a cheap and efficient protection plan for your expensive smartphone Mobile Protection Plans.

The plans may cover accidental damage, software damage, data protection, etc. Thus, while choosing the plan one must check their smartphone thoroughly. 

Check your protection plans carefully

Each protection plan comes with a number of benefits. The protection plans have different terms and conditions as well. Thus you need to be mindful while choosing the protection plan. Various plans are designed according to the type of smartphone, the severity of the damage, etc. For instance, the iphone protection plan may vary from Samsung protection plan. The coverage of various facilities in both smartphones may differ.

It is necessary to buy Mobile Protection Plans as soon as you buy a new smartphone. This would help in maintaining the long life of your smartphones. Additionally, some protection plans also cover a specific type of damages such as camera malfunction, screen malfunction, speaker malfunction, etc.

Include an accidental coverage to your protection plan

Accidents are unexpected incidents that may occur with anyone. It applies to your smartphone as well. Supposedly, you spill a coffee or a tea accidentally on your smartphone, what can you do now? The person is left with no option to replace the device with the new one as many no manufacturer warranty provides any support to such kind of damage. Thus, replacing a new smartphone would cost you more.

A third-party insurance organization helps to cover your smartphone with accidental damage. This proves to be a great alternative rather than replacing your old smartphone with the new one. Mobile protection plan helps to save you from spending your money to buy a new smartphone. Hence, many people prefer to choose to include accidental damage care in their protection plan.

A protection plan must be hassle-free 

Many insurance companies provide hassle-free and user-friendly protection plans. They provide various applications through which you can claim your services. An online form is required to fill with the model number of smartphones and the problem you are facing with the model. The insurance companies act instantly on your query thus availing you the claim.


Like any other protection, mobile protection has become an important precautionary measure in a person’s life. It helps to save the additional cost which may occur due to damage to your phone thus increasing the life of your phone and would help you to get a great resale value to your phone while selling it.

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